Bipolar writer/artist stuck in a chaotic sometimes difficult life hoping for a happy ending.

I’d like to write an addendem to certain people in my life who have found my diary and think they have the right to go tearing through all my personal information and using it against me. Well, first of all, do you see your name and location mentioned here? No. Why? Because I respect your privacy.  Sure I have found a couple of your blogs. Have I gone and read them in great detail and then used them against you? No

My blog is a very important therapeutic tool for me. It has provided perhaps the best therapy I have ever had. I am free to say what I want to say. I can expel anger here. I can be funny here. And I can express whatever I want or need to express, which isn’t always possible in real life due to some significant anxiety problems. And to be perfectly honest, I think what I do here, is far less hurtful than say what YOU do when you gossip behind people’s back and then smile to their faces. That is dishonest. At least I don’t have an pretenses here.

I have also met some really wonderful people through my blog. They have been kind, thoughtful. They listen. They’ve been supportive….many times far more than the people in my real life. And that perhaps, is why I entrust them with my secrets and hopes and dreams. Why wouldn’t I? They don’t go running to people who hold my life in their hands and try to destroy me. I’m not really worth destroying.  I don’t have much and I really don’t see what ratting me out on my blog really accomplished. So you win. Now what?

I’d much rather dispel my anger in some innocuous anonymous blog than destroy someone’s life for a couple of minutes of satisfaction….but that’s just me.


5 Responses to “moi”

  1. onewetleg Says:

    ooh, look at you all broke free from diaryland!

  2. steve Says:

    you are funny. maybe I will hire you to write my blog, since I don’t have the knack like you do. Would 100 dollars a page be enough?

  3. Moreno Says:

    You truly write with great wit! Keep up the good work!

  4. Xat Says:

    Thank you for your note about my Mom.

    It’s going to be a roller coaster–and not one that I’m looking forward to riding. Still, it’s amazing to know that there are people lending me some of their good thoughts.

    Thank goodness for writing too. That’s going to be the lifesaver.

  5. bibomedia Says:

    Have a nice day !

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