the day darth vadar did a little heavy breathing

Dear Ms. Blogenstein:

Its me Guardcat. witty is resting. She’s been all crazy the last couple of weeks (yeah, I know, when isn’t she) with several art shows, three days of cyber knife radiation, funerals, Eye-talian guys acting up, computers dying, stalker girl suddenly re-appearing, a new sudden speaking “career”  about how art is healing at various locations….Lookie….

365.3/172 Delavan speech- Eek!

She made me put that photo in since she looks skinny and she says she’s channeling Meryl Streep while she’s drunk leaning sideways after winning a Tony award or something, but you know witty, we never know what the hell she’s talking about especially lately since she’s been running from art show to art show, putting up her group’s show last week in a dark, dank cement gallery at the local university,  a kind of pseudo Soho kind of place with glaring florescent lighting that according to Tall Skinny Guy made it impossible for witty to take any good photos because she was too short and the light was glaring on all her artwork. I’m only a cat, but I think he was just jabbing her because he’s so jealous of her and Charlemagne, so she “accidentally” repaid the favor by putting the wrong name tag on his artwork. It really was an accident. A subconscious one.

High five, sistah!

This was one of witty’s many death oriented art things she’s been doing lately.

The Swimmer

Anyways, the next night was her show at the more upper class snooty art gallery. She had invited “A” since it was sort of a big thing to have a painting there. As in there. (said with your pinkie up). Poor witty. She is still controlled by that guy. That night the show was to start at 5 p.m. She was still sitting around playing Facebook at 4:15 in her jammies,  and who calls on her cell phone? “A”. He wants her to meet him there at 4:45….15 minutes before the show even opens and 30 minutes from her house. Gah! So naturally she wigs out and starts throwing things in the air and brushing her hair and getting all girlie. She even wore a short black skirt with black ribbed stocking that made her legs look totally hot. “A” didn’t notice of course. And he was late.

men are so stupid. I’m so glad I’m a cat and don’t have to deal with them.

Anyways, the rest of the night, witty mainly just stood around near her painting, pretending to look at her new cell phone as if she was waiting for text messages from Johnny Depp.  She’s not sure if anyone was looking at her hot legs art work. She did circle the gallery about 50 times and ate some cheese, going, “Woo! This is fun!” Did she mention she was exhausted? Must be the cancer thing. She won’t tell anyone though…or very few people, because she doesn’t want any sympathy. But the exhaustion was pretty obvious when she got home that night.

That weekend she went back to the hoity toity gallery and spoke about how healing art is for the soul and her depression. Her aunt was weeping afterwards. It was a little embarrassing but totally affecting to her psyche, since she’s not really used to people crying about what she says.

Even though I’m a cat I did know when it was Monday two days later and that it was the beginning of radiation for witty…a thing called cyber knife. She seemed really nervous that morning. Like REALLY nervous. Like telling me to shut up nervous.

What? But I’m so fucking cute!

She left around noon. (I know how to tell time too, dammit! I must be smart if I’m writing a blog, right?) I guess she tried to call “A” repeatedly but her phone number was blocked on his private cell phone. Bummer! He had even said he’d talk to her right before the radiation too. Cell phones are stupid.

Anyways, she got zipped into this skin-tight Mary Quant-like (thanks Scott) mini skirt contraption for the radiation treatment and asked if she thought she’d be able to lay still on this long skinny table for two hours or whether she’d needed to be strapped in. witty? strapped in?


But she eventually decided against it, you know in case there was a nuclear event or she needed to pee.  The first day she didn’t realize she had a choice of music, listening to classical music for two hours, but day two it was the Beatles while this large massive machine whooshed and pivoted over the top of her, making weird high-pitched screeches, intermingled with deep Darth Vadar like breathing…sighing…swooning….orgasmic at time. Just witty and him. Darth and Cyberknife Girl.

Who’s Cyber Knife Girl?

I think witty might have gotten a little much radiation, because by the third day she thought she was a Super Hero.  And indeed she did get a lot of it. When she was finally done on Day Three she came out of her little radiation dungeon and her Michael J. Fox doctor came running up to her smiling broadly (of course, she HAD just been asked to disrobe to total frontal nudeness in the radiation room where there were ceiling cameras rolling but I digress) and grabbed her hand and shook it vigorously saying “Congratulations!”. She asked for what, since she was about as lit as a Hanukkah candle by Day  Eight. He then told witty she  had just had 6 weeks worth of radiation in three days and she went ” Whee! WTF??? Am I going to pee neon?” Ok, she only thought  that in her head.

She also knew she didn’t want to miss her drawing class that night, you know, since she would get to see her favorite Frenchman Charlemagne. The doctor said it would be ok, since the tiredness wouldn’t really hit til the weekend.

oh witty, you so silly.

Charlemagne was merely 25 minutes late that night, you know, the night witty had TOLD him she had just been radiated into a hot mess by that dude Darth Vadar, so she was not happy when he was so late. It’s a good thing she thinks Charlemagne is cute and gives good hug, otherwise she might have hit him in the head with something that looked like 12 easals strapped together.

In the meantime, witty is now just waiting for the beginning of chemo, which will start around December 7th. She’s really scared about that, especially in the depth of winter and her time of depression. But she’s gotten pretty good at turning negatives into positives lately. Maybe she’ll just convert herself from Cyberknife Girl into  singer Sinead O’Connor and go sing on some hillside with a herd of goats.

Just as long as she doesn’t forget to come home and feed me a bowl of Friskies every so often.  Priorities, you know.


15 Responses to “the day darth vadar did a little heavy breathing”

  1. crankygirl Says:

    Good luck with the chemo. It’s great that you were up and around after radiation.

  2. elizabeth Says:

    I’m sending good thoughts and strength your way! And hugs!

  3. Anna Says:

    Honestly, Guardcat, the things she will do to cop a feel of that doctor. I’m so glad my human has packed that whole malarkey in. Best wishes, Bobcat. Miaou ^..^ xx

  4. goatbarnwitch Says:

    I can supply the herd of goats should you feel they are needed…. I sure hope the next part isn’t so very weird.

  5. Glynis Says:

    Go Cyberknifegirl!

    Guardcat, you should be very proud of Witty. She’s had a lot to deal with. Please give her an extra few minutes of cuddly–if you possibly can.


    By the way, Kali, FatKitten, and Sadie all say hello.

  6. poolagirl Says:

    Loves and hugs from all the living and non-living things at Casa de Piratica. Wishing you all the luck in the world with the chemo, sweetie. Peace and blessings.

  7. Seacreature Says:

    Amazing… You’re going through so much and you still managed to bang out a wonderfully entertaining post. Even though it IS that cat. *snerk* Lotsa hugs n’ good luck! Feel better, sweetie.

  8. scott Says:

    Just calling the Mary Quant’s as I see ’em. You’re better than me at making positives out of negatives.

    So… Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks that you’re out there.

  9. karmacat Says:

    You go, Cyberknifegirl! I’m keeping the hugs and good thoughts coming your way!

  10. enfinblue Says:

    You’re beyond an inspiration, witty. I wish I could help in some way. By the way, you look great! I have patterned tights that make me feel hot as well. Let’s wear them every day (though your superheroine t is also pretty cool)! All the best wishes going your way. I’m truly humbled by the way that you approach life – I wish I had even half of your grace.

  11. stepfordtart Says:

    Fucking hell. You’re marvellous. I have nothing else to say. s x

  12. Kungfukitten Says:

    You’re doing amazing. Make sure you’re taking good care of yourself and sleeping and being cranky when you need to be. I love your painting and think it’s not very death like. She is facing upwards like she is about to be reborn. The flowers on the left even look like they are still rooted to the earth and will regrow with a little river water. Aren’t rivers used in babtisms? The white flowers remind me of the white gowns. Do you need anything? You or Guardcat? Lots of love!

  13. LA Says:

    Dearest Witty,

    Best of luck today as you begin your chemo. Fingers crossed for effective healing and little-to-no nausea. ~LA

  14. Dangerspouse Says:

    Men are NOT stupid. We just – wait, I remember what it was I wanted to say. That naked dead chick in the painting sure looks cold. (Do dead nipples respond to temperature fluctuations for some time after death, like the fingernail growing thing? Hope so!)

    Oh yeah, I suppose I should write the obligatory “Good luck, and I hope you don’t have to pee while you’re lying there” sentiment while I’m here. Witty’s always been very nice to ME, after all. Even if none of it was sincere, it’s more than I usually get. So….HANG IN THERE, WITTY! The world needs more, um, you call it “Art”, right? Yeah, the world needs more of that. So get better soon so you can cram more of it down our unappreciative throats.


  15. Elizabeth Says:

    Witty – haven’t heard from you in a while, and I’m just wondering and hoping you’re okay.

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