snowzillaville awaits another hit

So I’m just sitting here waiting for our huge, mega, super colossal, end-0f-the-world 3000 inch snow storm to descend. How do I know? How do I not know? All the local channels are sending up their dooms day warnings and people are rushing out to the grocery store and buying enough food to last until Labor Day. Christmas shoppers are shopping for Christmas 2012.  

And my mom? Well, she’s in total denial. Her: “You’re such a pessimist, witty. The storm will probably miss us.” Me: (after watching the national news last night and seeing exactly where the two storms will be converging tonight): “Ahhh, no.”

Of course, this is also the same woman, who recently has been living with no food in her house and then going out at midnight in the middle of snow storms, because she only watches the Lifetime Movie Channel and doesn’t realize that there are traveler’s advisories up the ying yang.  I just know its only a matter of time before a bone will be broken this winter.

I actually went out in another big snowy mess Thursday to a party at the place where I used to work.  Just flash a sign “Free Food” in front of witty and she’ll pretty much kick old ladies and puppies out of the way to get there. I took the bus downtown since I hate driving on that greasy, slippery stuff. Usually the bus goes all the way downtown and then on to the mall. But did it the day it was snowing so hard you could barely see 17 story buildings and I was carrying a huge bag full of my framed collages? No.

So I had to trudge through Snowzillaville, trying not to fall on my ass, since its finally feeling better from all the physical therapy I’ve been doing. And naturally there was a TV news crew filming along the way and I thought…please don’t fall on your ass….especially when they suddenly and inexplicably swung their camera towards me as I walked across the street. I didn’t really want to end up on the Channel 3 blooper reel.

*Hipster Chick falls on street in snow storm and gets hit by snow plow. Ha ha ha!* Hey Wayne, can we see that one again?

Anyways, I finally arrived at my old place of employment. I’m not sure if they totally recognized me though, since I looked kinda like this…



It was good to see my old co-workers. Most of them anyways. I sat with one of the clients who shares my name and we did the old “The two witties are here, all is good!!” thing. Its cute that she still remembers it.

The party was pretty low key. There was tons of really good food. There were a couple of party games, like “Feel the sack and guess what’s in it.” Naturally I won that, since I’m so  good at…um… feeling sacks.

Wait! Let me update my resume!

And since parties are generally the best places to do things  you’ll later regret, I guess that’ll be me holding a huge 3 foot by 3 foot sheet cake pan, with cake still on it, perpendicular to my mouth and letting someone photograph me with the promise that “it’ll end up on the internet”.  –ha ha….heh? “What’cho talkin’ bout Willis??”

Anyways, the best thing that happened at the party was that I finally connected with the former co-worker who had wanted some additional collages and I sold her three more and instead of the actual price of $44, she gave me $50 and said “Merry Christmas”.  That was nice, especially when the inner-doubting angsty artist person was expecting…”Ya know, they’re not quite as awesome as I remembered. Bye now!” 

I actually stayed after the party and helped clean up. I guess my brain accidentally thought I still worked there. I didn’t mind though. I had to wait for “J” anyways, since he said he’d give me a ride home in the snow storm, which sounded infinitely better than tromping 5 blocks back downtown and then tromping three blocks up the hill when I got back to the Village after dark. And also, as always, it was nice to catch up with “J” since he wasn’t around the party much.

Anyways, I got a phone call the next day. Me getting a phone call from anyone except my mom is pretty rare. The female voice sounded vaguely familiar.  It was the woman who runs the Crazy Crazy place I used to go to for my self directed art classes about two years ago.  Anyways, she said she’s interested in talking to me about a very part time position at her organization for an on-call person. And also…well, this is the much better part. She’s interested in having me lead an art group at her place twice a month. Sorta like the same idea that was tossed out to me like the proverbial bone at my other job and than unceremoniously snatched away, since it really was never going to happen anyways.

(sorry. I’ve just been angry about that for over 3 months. But bygones, I guess. )

So she said to think about it. She’s on the verge of going on vacation and won’t be back until January and that’s actually fine with me, considering how horrible the weather is.

 Anyways, a  few extra dollars would be good. And it would be similar to my last job…the on-call position, except I wouldn’t have to drive clients around. And then the art part would be even better, of course. I even recently found a workbook in a thrift store called “Journeying Towards Health Through Creativity”.  I guess finding that book was just meant to be. Yes?


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12 Responses to “snowzillaville awaits another hit”

  1. Bug Girl Says:

    As a Michiganite, I’m also awaiting the giant snow storm.
    Enjoyed your blog! (found you via “art” tag in WordPress).

  2. artgnome Says:

    Yup, we are in the process of getting hit with the snow, and everyone acting like it’s the first storm we’ve all ever experienced. I did get groceries though, with a brave friend that doesn’t mind driving in this mess.

    Yay for the job news! yay yay yay !!! 🙂

  3. Poolie Says:

    Eeeek! Snow! I see it now when I need a fix – a brief jaunt to the mountains every 3-4 years and I am good to go.

  4. scotvalkyrie Says:

    Oh, I hope I hope I hope that the job offer works out for you!!! Yippeee!

  5. Joe Says:

    Congrats on selling the collages. It’s hard to beat going to a party and getting paid. Well, unless you can swap an ‘L’ for that ‘p’.

  6. Halo Askew Says:

    I loved that image of you arriving at the party looking like Jack from The Shining. Heeeeeeerrrreee’s WITTY!

  7. LA Says:

    Sounds terrif all around, honey bun. ~LA

  8. Pam Says:

    Yay on the job offer! And the sales. You’re rockin’ and rollin’ : ).

  9. geekbetty Says:

    yay! I hope the job comes through. And teaching classes would be wonderful.

  10. vampyra1 Says:

    i live in hawaii. no snowstorms here. just a billion inches of rain. awesome bloggy.

  11. fact Says:

    Roses are red, sky is blue, you’re a better writer than me for sure, lol 😉

  12. naughty or nice « awittykitty Says:

    […] <a rel=”attachment wp-att-107″ href=”; title=”sierratub.jpg”></a><a rel=”attachment wp-att-107″ […]

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