I just hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train

Have I mentioned I have some new neighbors? No I’m not talking about the Garden Hacker Guy. Yeah, he’s still around. He hasn’t been quite as annoying this summer. He has destroyed a few bushes, but not the whole place like last year. He’s even PLANTED some flowers. Like WTF? But the weirdest thing is that he did a Britney Spears and shaved his entire head and now looks like a Skinhead. And he was already weird looking to begin with. Its just now you can spot him from Mars with Space.com.

Anyways, I have some new neighbors. Now my apartment complex is in the shape of a “U” so I look directly across the courtyard at my neighbor’s apartment. Sometimes this is fun like when I had a cute guy neighbor who used to sit in his underwear and watch TV with the curtains open. (ahem). I think. I heard a rumor this was going on. (cough).  But I’m not really sure that was going on though. 

So, I’ve been noticing a lot of activity over across the way. I mean a lot. Like lights on late at night. Lots of running in and out of the apartment onto the porch.  And its just totally uncalled for!!!

Okay, its really just two cats running around inside an empty apartment with the kitchen light on. I assume somebody is caring for them. Hopefully. Because they’ve now been there for about 10 days. And I’ve never seen anyone in the apartment. I hope everything is okay.

Anyways after about a week of much crying, much talking to myself in my car (usually an indicator that I’m pissed off but don’t have a shrink appointment that week) and much depression, things are improving slightly. Because the list of ill will looked something like this:

  • Jerky guys in the internet dating world being jerky and me taking it far too personally like I do everything.
  • People lying to me about things…and you know who you are.
  • Food stamp fiasco
  • Waiting for an inspection for Section Eight
  • My @rt ment0ring program getting axed with no explanation.
  • An outdoor art class event I was really looking forward to was canceled and I cried and sobbed for like an improbable 15 minutes.
  • Losing social service services I’ve had for over 7 years with nothing to replace them with.
  • “A” starting back at another job and probably not seeing me much anymore.
  • Money
  • Not being able to contact that woman about the art show and just giving up easily because I didn’t feel worthy.
  • Lackluster job interview with a dweeb for a minimum wage job.
  • Worrying about my mom because she has seriously blocked arteries in her neck and she has been screwing around, putting off the procedure that will help her because she’s scared she’ll have a stroke. She may have a stroke anyway. Any of us can have a stroke. And having to deal with her anxiety and mine simultaneously which is like juggling live grenades. And then me also having to deal with her mortality. So lots of fun there….hoo boy!  

So what has happened this week? Well, I’ve managed to check a few things off the list. Section Eight. Done. I passed. The Beeyotches down at Food Stamps realized just WHO the Smart AND Super Efficient Girl was.

THAT BE ME!!! POSSESSOR OF SMARTNESS AND EFFICIENT BEHAVIOR OF ULTIMATE PERFECTNESS. WHOSE YO’ MAMA!! (me doing the Happy Snoopy Dance with a little John Travolta Pulp Fiction thrown in).

I’m actually saving the message on my answering machine. You know, the one where the Food Stamp Beeyotch is saying everything was correct and she would be resending a letter and there would be no interruption in my services. I don’t know. I just kinda enjoy listening to it. Yup, yup, yup. 🙂

And then yesterday I went to the State Fair as a diversion from weeping for 23 hours straight. Its harder to weep in public. And besides I had a free ticket and free bus tokens, so I went and walked around for about 5 hours, inevitably ending up in the farm animal area, talking to bunnies and horsies. That’s just me.

I met this one adorable little colt who was only a month old. He immediately decided to nurse on my elbow and then tried to eat my Reebok and slurp up my shoe laces. I really wanted to bring him home, but I knew that Guardcat would be totally pissed.


After the horsey love, I went over to the local TV station set up, so that I could reclaim my moment of idiot glory from last year, standing behind Wayne the Weather guy waving my arms and reiterating my need for vast amounts of attention. I even got there early. It wasn’t easy though, since it was Senior Citizen Day at the fair and I think there was like 350,000 motorized wheelchairs. I was constantly either stuck behind one going about -12 mph or afraid they were going to run over my foot.

I even think I saw that Jabba the Hut Guy from PlentyofFishies in one of them. I could have just been delusional from too much sugar and grease since that’s what fairs are all about. Eating your body weight in grease, so you’ll end up in a motorized wheelchair with an oxygen tank at another fair in 20 years.

But I got my brief moment of glory, squeaking out “Witttttty” when Wayne shoved the mic in front of me during the weather segment. I briefly wondered if the Village Guy saw it and said, “Damn, that witty chick’s on TV. And I could have totally HAD her!!” But bygones, right?

Anyways, I saved the best for last. JS from my art class has been steadily encouraging me about this art show idea since I first told him I had a painting downtown. He said he saw it when he went to the place. I then told him I wished I could have more pieces hung there. And he encouraged me to call the woman and gave me her name. You know the next part. I went in. No contact. I called her 3-4 times. She never returned my call. I was discouraged. I’m very easily discouraged these days, mostly due to my depression.

But JS didn’t give up. He again asked me if I contacted her last Wednesday in our class. Me: No. He said she was nice and that I should. Yesterday he called me on the phone and said, “Did you call “S”?” Me: “No” He then said, you should call her, she’s really nice. JS is very low sell. No forceful stuff like Charlemagne. So I said I would and I was going to. And then he suddenly called back five minutes later and said, “I just talked to “S”, she’ll be in the shop tomorrow between 9-12. You can call her then.” Me: Gulp. “Ok”.

To make a long story short, I called her this morning and I am meeting her next Friday to talk about an art show.  She said “Do you want your own show?” I was a little too overwhelmed to give a resounding yes, although I certainly have enough pieces, so I just shyly said, “Maybe. I’m not sure.”

So then JS called again today and said “Did you call “S” today?” Me: “Yes” and then he simply said, “Good”. I could hear the smile in his voice.


14 Responses to “I just hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train”

  1. Anne Says:

    YAY for you and your list getting smaller! That is always the best feeling.

  2. Andria Says:

    Witty, good for you!! Also, I am very jealous you were petting colts. You’re a better woman than me, because if I was a state fair, I would have spent those five hours eating every sort of food imaginable deep-fried and on a stick.

  3. Pam Says:

    Yay for you – you smacked down the food stamp beyotches and got closer to an art show – good, good stuff!

  4. joistmonkey Says:

    You’re going to get so many spurious hits on your site, what with posting pics and talking about ‘horsey love’ 🙂

  5. artgnome Says:

    move forward and do the show. you have nothing to lose and everything to experience. I love going to state fairs to those leather booths, where they make belts and wallets and stuff. I love the smell, it just brings me back to being a kid and watching the original Mickey Mouse Club in B/W on tv. heh. I also love the horsies!

  6. betty Says:

    glad to hear you are doing better. and speak up!! tell her you want the show!

  7. LA Says:

    Art shows! More art shows! YAY!!! As for getting anything out of Social Services….holy moly I’m in awe. You da man! Or da chick, as the case may be. Good to know you’ll still have access to wild luxuries like food and shelter. Mwah! ~LA

  8. shaded-lily Says:

    Yay for Witty the Conqueror! And that little colt is really, really, REALLY cute.

  9. crankygirl Says:

    I’m glad that things are looking up. I hope the meeting about your work goes well.

  10. scotvalkyrie Says:

    Yay witty, I’m glad to hear that you are ticking things off your list. Perhaps if you find out who exactly screwed up everything for you with the Food Stamps, maybe you can take HER job!

  11. stepfordtart Says:

    We dont get state fairs here. We get a few County Fairs but they’re mostly agricultural type things and Im pretty sure thats not what you’re describing. Meh. I wanna eat my own body weight in junk. s x

  12. Holly Says:

    Yaaay!! for little horses. You aren’t the only one talking to yourself in the car. I do it all the time, as well as at home, at work, almost anywhere. Sometimes I have to remind myself that others can hear me, and I don’t want them to think I’ve lost my mind (what’s left of it anyway)

  13. Xat Says:

    Mortality can be a powerful motivator.

    Keep whittling away at your list, you can do it.

    Go for the art show…do it!


  14. madrigle Says:

    hey thanks for signing my guestbook for my show in Santa Fe 🙂 I sure hope things start working out for you better soon. That colt is so cute. It’s amazing how other living creatures can make us feel better. HUGS.

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